Bloom Narrative



San Antonio, TX

Branding & Collateral


Bloom Narrative is a subscription box flower company that serves as a vehicle for farmers to access the US market, providing economic empowerment to countries bordering the Equator. In short, they exist to promote human flourishing and economic empowerment through job creation and investment in the flower industry, intending to accomplish this by creating an online flower brand that is driven by the story of the positive impact happening at the early stages of the supply chain. They intend to create a brand ethos of social impact in a similar way that TOMS shoes built a brand around giving back. But unlike TOMS, we envision creating opportunity for people as opposed to giving a handout. Bloom Narrative believes in the dignity of work and that people can achieve great things when they are given the opportunity. Their most dominate goal is to create a successful retail flower brand that serves as a vehicle for our flower growing partners to access the US market, enabling their businesses to grow and creating more opportunity for job creation and human flourishing.

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The target audience for Bloom Narrative is composed of primarily women ranging from the ages of 30-40. Most of them work part-time, but prioritize their motherhood role over their careers while relying on their husbands as the primary source of income for their family. In a middle to upper class income bracket, they spend their free time running a side-hustle, in exercise classes, spending time with other moms, and giving back to their communities through volunteer and ministry opportunities. They are intentional rather than wasteful, but aren’t afraid to use their dispensable income to invest in a few fun extras for their home, especially when they are making a difference in the world.

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When we jumped into the visual portion of this project, we wanted to capture both the business model as well as the positive impact. The envelope is representative of the subscription style and product quality while the stacked typography speaks to the united front that exists between growers and partners. We wanted both the typography and illustrative design to feel bold, speaking to the strength of the communities you’ll support and the timelessness of the appeal to your audience. The forward movement in the A’s capture the bigger picture of human flourishing through Bloom Narrative’s success.


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