You Can Do Anything Good

Gosh, it’s been a minute since I’ve written anything. On a personal note, life has been crazy, but busy. My husband works for a high school ministry called Young Life and summers for us are full of travel and camp trips and I feel like the months between May and September are a total blur— all the best things, but totally a whirlwind.

Today I’m just sharing a little pep-talk, because sometimes we all need some good old fashioned encouragement, am I right?


I genuinely believe that you can do it.

If you’re starting a business and trying to balance real life with your full time job with your side hustle that you really just want to be your full time job and still trying to find time to do laundry and cook dinner: you can do it.

If you’re running a business and things were going well for so long but now it’s been two months since you’ve booked a client and your savings account is getting lower by the day: you can do it.

If things looks really great from the outside but you’re just kind of drowning in every category of your life: it’s going to be okay.

Watch this video (my favorite pep-talk of all time) real quick and then keep reading for some tangible advice—

You can do anything good, better than anyone else. Truly. Do you believe that? What’s missing to make you believe that?

My friend Hannah Murphy, Virtual Assistant extraordinaire taught me the best and most simplistic method to boil to-do lists down to what actually matters and I’ve refined it just a bit for what serves my business best. Start by writing down everything you need to do, whether it’s a one-off task or a reoccurring task, personal or business. Then ask yourself this questions:

  1. Does it give me life?

  2. Does it bring profit?

  3. Does it bring community?

  4. Is it one of those things that just has to happen?

Depending on your answers for each task, write letters by each one:

K = Keep

O = Outsource

A = Automate

T = Trash

While I wish I could outsource vacuuming the floors, a maid is just not in the cards. But realistically, I can absolutely outsource, automate, or trash some of my to-do list. And you can do the same.

Cheering you on always!