3 Tips for Improving Your Instagram

By our marketing intern, Anslie. :)

Instagram can give your business a significant advantage and help create incredible opportunities for you.  I offer a course, Followers to Dollars: An Instagram Mini-Course, on my website, and I have some exciting news!  It reopens in April!!! Only a few days away so you all should go check it out!  But, in this post I wanted to include three things that you can easily do that will help improve your Instagram.  These tips will help you gain more followers, and boost your engagement rates in the future.

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Choose an aesthetic:

One thing that I learned very early on when I started Instagramming was how important it is to have an aesthetic that is pleasing to the eye and consistent.  If you are taking photos that you like and posting them, that is good, but then when you look at it from the grid view, it can look pretty messy. The aesthetic isn’t always as necessary for personal Instagram accounts, but if you are trying to portray a brand, it is absolutely something you are going to want to consider.  There are some great apps out there that are perfect for editing and creating a constant look across your whole account. Some of my favorite that I have played around with before are After Light, VSCO, and A Color Story.


Plan your posts:

Planning photos is something that I do for every single one of my posts.  It is so important because, if you plan it out you will never post two photos next to each other that have the same style.  You will also be able to catch any mistakes before it goes live on your page. I use an app called Planoly, which helps me schedule posts, write out my captions, see analytics from my previous posts, and it literally will post the pictures to Instagram for me, so I never forget.  On this app, you can create multiple grids at once and play with your layout so that you can see what you like best. It is a one-stop shop for all your Instagram needs, and I cannot recommend it enough. Another app that can be good for this but isn’t as extreme is VSCO. VSCO lets you see all the photos in a grid format, so if you don’t want to clutter up your phone with apps, this is a great second option.


Engagement is key:

Lastly, I want to focus on engagement.  This is something that is so important especially since Instagram now has this new algorithm that doesn’t put everything in chronological order.  On Instagram these days, people want to not only follow you, but they also want to feel like they know you and have a voice in your posts. To make your followers feel this way it is essential to make sure that you respond to comments whenever you can and like other people’s photos and leave comments on them. For the Instagram algorithm, if you are more engaged with people, then it will make sure that your posts are the first they see when they open up the app.  Another great way to engage your audience is by asking them questions on your stories or posts and have them comment and tag friends. This can also really help grow your brand to its full potential.

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