Arches & Canyonlands

While I try to primarily blog to offer business resources, design tips, and marketing advice, every now and then I love to share a little bit of behind the scenes of our studio. Working as a graphic designer is truly one of my favorite things, but traveling is one of the few things I love even more than my job. Experiencing new places will always be something that gives me life and leaves me so content.


This summer when we were living in Colorado, my friend Smokey and I went on a day trip to Arches and Canyonlands National Parks, and goodness was it beautiful. We hiked, camped, and explored all around Moab, Utah and packed 24 hours full.

Some highlights & suggestions:

+ Camping at Goose Island Campground

Wow, this was PRIME camping. Goose Island is directly on the Colorado River and borders Arches— literally if you walk across the river, you can touch the edge of the park. The river breeze is wonderful and camping spots had fire pits and picnic tables as well as two bathroom facilities on the campground. Great easy drive-up spot and was under $10/night. Definitely recommend arriving early to reserve your spot before exploring as campgrounds fill up quickly.

+ America the Beautiful Annual Park Pass

The annual pass saves you so much money if you plan on going to 2-3 or more parks. National parks are normally around $30 a car to get in, but the annual pass lets a full car into any US National Park for an entire calendar year and is only $90. We bought ours when we drove to California in January and have now used it on two different trips to see Zion, the Grand Canyon, Arches, and Canyonlands. Super worth it!

+ Lunch at Sweet Cravings Baker & Bistro

The cutest little lunch spot with delicious sandwiches and salads. We grabbed these to go on our way to the park! Right in central downtown Moab.

+ Dinner at Miguel’s Baja Grill

On the downtown strip in Moab which is feels exactly like you’d think— tiny little desert town that looks like it was taken out of an old Western movie. When we walked in, we were walked down a mini cobblestone street that was somehow inside the restaurant and it literally felt as if we’d been transported to Mexico. It was pricier than we’d anticipated, but so delicious.

+ Breakfast at Love Muffin Cafe

This was a tiny little walk up coffee shop/cafe that was so quaint and good. Their coffee was delicious and they had a full breakfast menu of sandwiches, pastries and raw food/vegan options. Their chia seed pudding is a must!

+ Fill up your car with gas every chance you get! Seriously, though. This was the most hilarious and also somewhat alarming part of our trip. Utah is pretty barren and there’s am 80 mile stretch between Moab and Breckenridge with no exits— seriously. So fill up. :)


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