We're launching a blog!

That's right, we're joining the blogging world! As many of you know, blogging boosts SEO like crazy, so we can't lie and tell you that wasn't our initial intention in launching a blog but, upon further thought, we decided this would be the perfect place to share what we're learning on this small business journey.


Our Founder and Creative Director graduated from Samford University with a Journalism and Mass Communications/PR degree and loves to write as does Anslie, our summer intern. One of the biggest contributors to Telltale's success so far has been other creatives willing to share their experience for us and we are so excited to use this space to do the same for others. In the past several weeks, multiple people have found us on Instagram or Google and reached out for Business Coaching Sessions (yes, we offer those!), but we also wanted to create a place to share our experience for free. :) 

If you want to subscribe to our blog updates, just scroll down to the bottom of the page! We promise not to overwhelm your inbox. More to come soon!


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