Welcome Telltale's New Intern!

We are so excited to have Anslie Bass interning with us this summer!


Hello everyone! I would like to just take a moment to introduce myself as I have the greatest privilege to work alongside of Lydia as her intern this summer! I am so thrilled to be able to work with a talented designer as I continue to study graphic design at Georgia College & State University.

Art has been apart of my whole life rather its  painting, watercolor, charcoal, or sketching, art is apart of who I am. However, digital art wasnt a passion of mine until my intro to computer arts when I fell in love with graphic design, and I can not imagine my life with out it. Graphic design is a beautiful approach where art meets technology. I new graphic design is the path for me the moment I got lost in a design process as if the whole world has slowed down and the pure joy that rested in my heart as my design grew. Graphic design has unlimitted possibilities, a wide range of tools, and is practical in the advance world we live in. I can't wait to see where the graphic design journey takes me. 


Here are some little facts to get to know me...

  • I am 21 but have the imagination of a 10-year-old

  • I can’t live without coffee or cookies

  • I have the sweetest hound mix puppy named Millie (from Milledgeville)

  • I have a weird obsession with the color black and red foxes

  • I can quote any Disney movie with a drop of a dime

  • Nature is where I find my inspiration

  • I would describe my style as simple but whimsical, and classic with a touch of uniqueness.

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