What is Holistic Design about anyway?

If you've never heard of holistic design, it's essentially a complete design process that leaves the client with a coherent and consistent brand identity that stands the test of time. Rather than designing a logo, website, business collateral, font collection, and color scheme separately and tying them together or hoping they work together, the holistic design process incorporates all pieces of the brand from the beginning.


It begins in-depth brand research, competition research, and trend research and ends with a collection of assets necessary for any brand to have a unique and recognizable identity— primary and alternate logos, website, social media, business collateral pieces, fonts, colors, and even sets the tone of voice of the brand.

Brand Quarterly says this: "Consumers see one thing, and that one thing is what drives their purchase and usage habits.  So if the final design is meant to be one cohesive unit, then why do we work in creative silos?"

Not all clients have the financial means to hire a holistic designer as the process takes immense time, energy, and research, but the ones who can see the design process as an investment that will almost immediately turn into brand recognition, sales, and return customers wins every time. When brands are developed in a cohesive products, they have a cohesive message that works together aesthetically and conceptually for all their audiences on all their platforms.  

Currently, we offer the option to start with either a branding package or a web design package, but recommend doing both together. What do you think? Have you seen the benefits of holistic design for yourself?


DesignLydia Kerr