Our Rationale Behind the One Concept Method

We shared this on an Instagram post recently and thought we’d leave it here as well. :)

In case you've ever wondered what the one concept method is and why it's so important, this post is for you. Industry standard in the graphic design world is to present clients with several primary logo options, let them pick their favorite, and then build out their brand from there. We used to do the same, but have recently become a One Concept Studio after noticing several significant setbacks with this approach.


First of all, developing your company's branding is about your company, not your personal preference. While we absolutely want to end your project with a brand you love, it's important that what's best for your brand takes the front row, rather than choosing your favorite personal aesthetic. When giving clients options to choose from, it's often difficult to keep your business needs at the forefront of your mind. We— as the design professionals— carefully research before presenting your brand to ensure that our ONE concept is perfectly aligned with your target audience.

Secondly, we place a high priority on time and efficiency in our studio and noticed that rather than dividing your projects time in half or thirds to craft three logos, we could spend 100% of our time to craft ONE perfect logo.

Since we've embraced the one concept method (thanks to a push from @rowanmade), we've seen our happiest clients, our most unique brands, and our clients have seen a higher increase in reach and in revenue after working with us.

Cheers to the one concept method this Friday!


DesignLydia Kerr